The Philharmonic established the International Advisory Board (IAB) to engage supporters from around the globe to serve as ambassadors in their respective home cities and countries. The financial support and participation of this international group increases the reach of the Philharmonic as it brings together people of different cultures through music and an appreciation of the Orchestra’s rich history on the world stage. For more information, please contact Luke Gay, Director of Development, at or call (212) 875-5942.


Angela Chen, United States / China

Charles C.Y. Chen, Taiwan

Christian Lange, United States / Germany


Board Members

Dr. Clemens Börsig, Germany
Noreen Buckfire, United States
Jinqing Caroline Cai, China
Misook Doolittle*, United States / Korea
Claudio X. González*, Mexico
Isabel Greiner, United Kingdom
Kaaren Hale, United Kingdom

Ralph Heins, United States / Switzerland
Derek Hu, United States / China
Steven Jensen, United States
Federico R. Lopez, Philippines
Hsiu Ling Lu, China
Leon Ramakers, Netherlands
Tony Tan Caktiong, Philippines

Erik Thomsen, United States / Denmark / Germany
Richard Tsai, Taiwan
Rukiye Devres Unver, Turkey
Susanne Wamsler, Austria
Dr. Chiona Xanthopoulou-Schwarz, Greece / Germany
Simona Zampa, Switzerland / Italy

Honorary Members

Emma Thompson, United Kingdom

Maestro Yu Long, China


* IAB member also serves on NY Philharmonic’s Board of Directors